Julius Kohanyi

Juluis Kohanyi is an international award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter and novelist. Among his noted films are HENRY MOORE, GAMES, and IMAGES.

His first feature film is the critically acclaimed SUMMER'S CHILDREN and another feature WAR BOY was based on his original story, "Janos".

Accolades for Summer's Children

"Kohanyi's stunning visuals, and his tasteful and sensitive treatment of SUMMER'S CHILDREN's highly controversial subject, is certain to launch his career as a major director."
                             Toronto International Film Festival

GOLD MEDAL      Houston International Film Festival
BY INVITATION   Florence International Film Festival
NOMINATED        Best Screenplay, Best Actor,
                              Best Supporting Acress, CFA

Member  Writers Union of Canada
              Writers Guild of Canada

E-mail     juliuskohanyi@hotmail.com