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Toronto Public Library

Toronto Public Library Testimonial

Central Techical School

Central Tech Testimonial

St Claire Catholic School

St Claire Catholic School Testimonial

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Feedback on Rad and School Visits

Children love Rad …

“ … I could almost picture it like I was there. I think a lot of Kids like me would like this book.”

Jayde P., Grade 6 Student

“The last 4 days (of school visit) were fun because I learned a lot and found out every one can be a writer”

Pedro M, Grade 6 Student

“I have learned a lot about making movies especially the movie Games … It (school visit) was just very fun”

Ashlee, Grade 6 Student

Teenagers also love Rad …

“ … better than all the Harry Potter books. Great for young teenagers struggling to find a positive direction in life.”

Kye A. Grade 10 Student

“(RAD) was very adventurous and the best thing it was that you included moral values through your characters … I never put the book down and can't wait for you to write your next one. Thank you so much, for your (school) visit, all my friends enjoyed you!”

Athena C, Grade 8 Student

And so do Parents …

“I am a father of two boys. My oldest is 10 years old now and I have been searching for a book that might captivate him.

The writing … flows smoothly, as a younger or older reader you just want to get to that next page and read on. What pleased me the most was my son seemed to enjoy this book as much as I did (laughing out loud at parts and full of questions). This is a tangible story though it has many other layers as it is written with as much depth and intrigue that you would expect from a best seller.”

Patrick B

Booking School Visits and Workshops

Julius enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge as a writer and filmmaker with public, high school, college and university students. Workshop attendees come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the ins and outs and mechanics of these fields … and most importantly, with the realization … I can do this.

Please consult the following site for more information on booking school visits and workshops.

The Writers Union of Canada