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HENRY MOORE (in English or French)
This film is a rare encounter in a personal setting of the master at work in his studio in England. In the prime of his life, he tells us about how he conceives and shapes the ideas for his art. Tour his private sculpture garden and see his other works on display around the world.

Venice, Melbourne, Krakow Int'l Film Festivals  (26 min)   J I S

$ 19.99

RODIN (in English or French)
RODIN, the genius, the artist, the romantic, speaks for himself and his art in this film that takes his life full circle from the age of 19 to his death at 77. The brilliance of his revolutionary creations is seen outdoors in natural settings and in museums around the world. To view this film is to experience Rodin's life, his spirit, and the mood of his work.

5 Stars,  ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide  (26 min)   I S

$ 19.99

GAMES is the story of an 11-year old boy who sneaks into a museum and accidentally stays behind after closing time. Through his eyes and imagination, ancient musical instruments, armies of Chinese soldiers, armoured English knights, pre-historic dinosaurs, an Egyptian mummy, and other exhibits come to life.

* "Best Children's Entertainment Film" Chicago Film Festival  (16 min)   P J

$ 19.99

One of the forerunners to the visual arts centers of today is the ARTISTS WORKSHOP—where taxi drivers, doctors, dentists, factory workers, and children of all ages come together to express their unique personal visions in a variety of mediums--taught by some of the artists whose views on life drawing, dance, puppetry, and clay sculpture continue to influence the teaching of art today.

Venice Film Festival   (26 min b&w)   J I S

$ 19.99

The age-old story of TEVYE and his seven daughters is brought to life again in this film merging art, literature, and music. The color engravings of celebrated artist Saul Field, the poetry and humor of storyteller Sholom Aleichem, and an original soundtrack of soaring Chassidic music, transport the viewer into a Russian village in the early 1900's.

Cannes, Chicago, Melbourne Film Festivals   (17 min)   I S

$ 19.99