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In this experimental film using the works of painter Henri van Bentum, the strong and deliberate interplay of colors and movements illustrates some of the many variations possible using the artistic style of pointillism.

Berlin International Film Festival  (10 min)   J I S

$ 19.99

A fantastic voyage into the microscopic world of crystals! Using a specially designed camera on a rotary field, the filmmaker captures changing colors, forms, and shapes in a kaleidoscope of dazzling images set to a polyphonic style of music.

Berlin and London International Film Festivals  (10 min)  I S

$ 19.99

A present-day voyage aboard a 100-year old steamboat gradually takes us back to see the costumes and lifestyles of the rich and famous in the 1920's and 30's. The magic of times past unfolds through rare film footage of the authentic gracious gowns and silk tophats of this romantic era, and the words of the last surviving Captain of an original fleet of lake steamers.

Shown on PBS  (25 min)  J I S A

$ 19.99

Through a series of sensitive charcoal sketches, the events of a market day in a small Mexican village come to life. As church bells clang its first lazy awakenings, we search the crooked streets leading to the old church, past peasants selling goods in the market square, to the exciting climax of the fiesta where "mariachi" bands compete to the singing and dancing of villagers under the umbrella of an elegant gazebo.

Venice, Krakow Int'l Film Festivals  J I S

$ 19.99

A superb film about a contemporary suburbanite who seeks an alternative to shopping at a modern supermarket. He soon discovers the "Herring Belt", an ethnic marketplace downtown and back in time, made up of German, Dutch, Italian, Jewish and Portuguese immigrants. Relive with him the sights, sounds, smells, and traditions that have evolved into the melting pot we now know as America.

Montreal Int'l Film Festival  (25 min)  J I S

$ 19.99

When 10-year old 'Teddy' rips his pants in an afterschool fight, it becomes a triggering mechanism for underlying real problems he must now deal with - alienation, fear of rejection by his family and friends, and poverty. He does this by creating a fantasy world of his own where all those around him first must be punished, then redeem themselves by relating to him in the way he wishes.

Edinburgh, Vancouver Int'l Film Festivals  (26 min b&w)  J I S

$ 19.99