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This DVD is another series of short films on art, travel, and the environment which can be used along with Vignettes I to highlight a lesson or provide a "cultural moment" for children and adults alike. Separate descriptions for each film featured on this DVD are presented below.

26 min  P J I S

$ 19.99

Portrays the beauty and diversity of the Midwestern landscape, including farmland, historical homes, barns, wood fences, creeks, and farm animals, white-steepled churches, and much more, in a fast-moving travelogue.

A child with his dad open this visit to a unique inner-city neighborhood zoo, where a variety of animals including the llama, sparring rams, linx, camel, brown and polar bears, wolves, and birds such as the pelican, eagle and egret look at their fellow residents and visitors.

Focuses on a variety of Rodin's sculptures in natural outdoor surroundings: a bust perched on a courtyard cornerstone, a hand inside a fountain, Balzac against the forest landscape. Shows how these and other sculptures like The Thinker, Hand of God, and Cathedral can be viewed outside the walls of the traditional museum setting.

Island lagoons become a highway for the crisscrossing of sailboats and other crafts along a city's waterfront. Reflections on water of multicolored and mahogany boats in the morning lead to a day filled with families, ferries, and fun.

Takes a look at youthful beachgoers' preoccupations at Brazil's famous Ipanema beach. Streetclothes mix with bathingsuits on this vast, innercity beach where kites, soccer balls, surfboards and kids of all colors and sizes play below the lush cliffs.

The sounds of a thunderstorm brewing outside lead us into the warmth of Henry Moore's skylit studio where we can see, first hand, both the enormity of his works-in-progress and the tools of his trade. Walk around Moore's workbench, where chisels, hammers, and mixing bowls mingle with small maquettes, bones, and artifacts awaiting the artist's inspiration.

A boat at dock awaits as the locks open, the bridge rises, and it passes through the lakeside islands of the North American shield. The colors of the blue sky mingles with the summer greenery as the shipboard diners look peacefully out at the scenery and summer resorts of a lakeside summer playground.

The camera captures the colorful world of a flowerbed seen through the eyes of a bumblebee as it buzzes through its daily routine. We follow its flight as it alights and moves up and under the marigolds, lilies and roses of a magnificent public garden.