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This DVD contains seven short films on art, travel, and the environment which can be used to highlight a lesson or provide a "cultural moment" for children and adults alike. Separate descriptions for each film featured on this DVD are presented below.

23 min  P J I S

$ 19.99

Shows a visit to a man-made village within the city where one of the main attractions is a glass-blower in the process of creating a swan figurine. Over a controlled, open flame, he stretches, bends, rolls, and extends the glass into a recognizable figure.

Focuses on the statue of Christ as symbol and protector of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The enormity of the figure is seen from the beaches below and, from its own perspective with outstretched arms, looking across the lush panorama of the Brazilian cityscape.

Gold and orange marigolds invite us into Henry Moore's private sculpture garden where many of his famous reclining nudes and abstracts are showcased. See the feet, hands, and heads of these figures, as well as the variety of colors, textures and mediums he used in these world-renowned sculptures.

Scenes from the beautiful stained-glass windows of a cathedral show the diverse attraction of ethnic peoples who have settled North America. The turbans of the East mix with Arab headdress, Chinese sampans, and priests' costumes in this 3-panelled multicultural window.

Old photos of steamboats contrast with a refurbished 100-year old, coal-burning steamboat and its newly polished barometers and brass-plated valves as it negotiates its way on a lakeside voyage.

A visit to an art gallery shows a wide variety of Henry Moore's prolific output from small forms and shapes to larger sculptures. Like the visitor, the camera circles and zooms in on minute details, then pulls back to reveal the completed work. See variations on different themes such as mother-and-child and soldier-in- battle, and try to uncover the layers of meaning behind some of the abstract faces.

A coastal Mexican village seen through the eyes of its native children. Lush palm trees mingle with houses built precariously above a river where native women wash their daily laundry; loaded donkeys and carts make their way through cobblestone streets; children shine shoes; locals dine from corner carts and on fish-on-a-stick on ever-present beaches. Accompanied by Spanish guitar music.