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A series of four films to be used as an introduction to a weekend field trip or as pure entertainment for children of all ages! Music and the original sounds of each setting enables parents or teachers to provide the narration, or children can be left alone to make up their own stories to accompany the visuals. Separate descriptions for each film featured on this DVD are presented below.

30 min  P J

$ 19.99

The first film in our series shows two young children participating in a "day at the zoo". Through their delighted eyes, they view the lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, rhinoceros, kangaroos, gorillas, elephants and their babies in the sunshine of this outdoor summer setting. Share a picnic lunch with them and take a ride on the double-humped camels in this exciting and fun-filled outing.

Zoological Gardens — Animal Habits and Behavior

The colors, shapes, and painted faces of an amusement/waterpark is the setting for our second field trip, where children exercise and explore their environment. They walk, climb, jump, slide and move about on the amusements, then cool off in the pools and waterslides offered by this modernistic inner-city playground.

Amusement Parks

A trip to one of North America's finest museums shows a 10-year old interacting with his history and culture throughout the ages. Children can use their eyes and imagination as the camera moves through the exhibits of dinosaurs, Egyptian mummies, skeletons, religious objects, musical instruments, and the armour and dress of knights and porcelain miniature soldiers.


Our last field trip takes us out of the city to the countryside and farming communities — reminders of our common rural heritage. We begin with houses of a century ago with ornate brickwork and gingerbread trim, old barns, weathervanes and an old hand water pump. The wildflowers, streams and ponds form the setting where cattle, sheep, horses and their colts graze in the spacious summer sunshine.

Architecture, Geography, Farming